Szkoła Przedmiotów Ojczystych im. Mikołaja Reja
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Latest updates

Enrolment for school year 2021/22

17 May 2021

Speech therapy support

15 May 2021

Our library is open again

8 May 2021

Funding from the Chancellery of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland

We thank the chancellery for the received funds in 2020.

Over 67 years of enterprise

For over 67 years we have been building a strong community, passing on Polish culture and love for Polish traditions to the next generations.

Rich educational offer and extra-curricular support

We conduct classes in history, geography, religion and singing. We offer speech and language therapy support.
We make sure that all our teachers are constantly improving their professional skills.

Our students achieve high academic results

Every year our students take GCSE and A-levels exams.
In the school year 2019/20, students who decided to take the exams by the teacher’s observation grade, obtained A** , A* and A grades.

Our Partners

Polska Macierz Szkolna Stowarzyszenie Wspólnota Polska ATHE Radio Bobola Church